Holiday Goth December Itinerary

Hurray, it’s time for the holidays! Whether you celebrate Kwanzaa, Yule, Hannukah, Christmas, etc. there are plenty of events to fill you cheer this month! I will update the list frequently, let me know if I missed anything!

December 1st

December 2nd

December 3rd

December 5th

December 6th

December 7th

December 8th

December 9th

December 13th

December 14th

December 15th

December 16th

December 20th

December 21st

December 22nd

December 23rd

December 28th

December 30th

December 31st

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November Itinerary

Now that we are into the season of the Crone Goddess, it’s time to keep ya posted on what the haps are this month. I will be adding events as they come, please message me if any events are missing that ya think should be on here.

November 1st

November 2nd

November 3rd

November 4th

November 5th

November 7th

November 8th

November 9th

November 10th

November 11th

November 12th

November 14th

November 15th

November 16th

November 17th

November 18th

November 19th

November 22nd

November 24th

November 25th

November 26th

November 30th

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