B2B Vacation Beach 006//TFNJ w. Brian Creswell, Sarahcuda, Decosoul

You have to go to Vacation Beach. Held monthly at Ortlieb’s, resident DJ’s Teknacolor Ninja, Wolf Dem, and KT Caustic create an apocalyptic tropicgoth, vacationwave soundscape that’s 100% interactive. It’s not your typical party which is exactly what Philly nightlife needs right now.


Vacation Beach 006

The first hour of Vacation Beach featured a dope dance clinic with Philly Beat Rockers. Party fellows got a free dance lesson via Dr. Moose and B-Boy Spit. Fresh and entertaining and created a very easy going environment. There were interactive visuals which is one of the neatest things I have ever seen at a nightlife event. Curated by Justin Evans, the visuals, added tardigrade, raccoons and other creatures heads to your body if you were on the dancefloor. Some of my friends got up close to the projection and got wild with it. It was a fun and clever way to loosen up the crowd.

Musically, Vacation Beach was a breathe of fresh air for me. I love me some dark goth techno, but I think we can all appreciate that booty shaking beats and jungle sounds are what we really need. Each DJ worked seamlessly with one another. Teknacolor DJ is a force on her own. She also served as an MC for the night which I loved as well. Wolf Dem and KT Caustic equally blew my mind. The community feeling of Vacation beach is special. It’s not a vibe of the DJ playing the music, and you are the spectator. It felt like we all had roles in putting this party together. HIGHLY recommended party, and very LGBTQ friendly. The primary crew is mostly non cis men. A diverse crew like that is a wonderful way to elevate non cis male voices in the nightlife scene. We all have a place here.


TFNJ w. Brian Creswell, Sarahcuda, Decosoul

Yooooo. It has been a very long time since I went to That Friday Night Jawn by the LEFT RITE crew and this party was huge. Unfortunately, I missed out on Sarahcuda (one of my favorite Philly female DJ’s) and Decosoul but luckily I caught Brian Creswell’s insane set. Heavy banging techno with a darker vibe was his M.O. and the whole room danced so hard. TFNJ is upstairs at Kung Fu Necktie. I got there around 12:30 and it was packed. The happiest moment for me was seeing literally almost all of my techno/house friends. Feels like I can’t say it enough that the sound investment Left Rite has made shows a high amount of professionalism and true love for the nightlife. They are playing a crucial role in this community and cultivate an all inclusive, drama free party. If you haven’t checked out a Left Rite party yet, put it on the top of yr bucket list.

Going to two amazing events on Friday was worth my Saturday exhaustion. I decided to take November off from drinking for a few reasons. I’m going to write a post on that in a bit. So far it hasn’t been the worst, though it has been interesting. ALSO I have a website in the works and I’ll be moving my blog over to itshortly.

Until next time, have a Happy Thanksgiving. ūüĒģ

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The Shakedown: Residents

The Shakedown is a monthly event held by Worship Recordings, a label dedicated to that beautiful deep house, techno, etc. It’s an event held at The Barbary that takes up both floors. It’s very special.

19894846_1472432879479671_4628062568631883631_nThe Shakedown: Residents

As much of a gothic as I am these days, techno and all of its relatives was my first love. While some may say the goth scene is dying, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Philly techno and house events. The thing of it is, The Shakedown, and lots of other events like Rizumu, Left Rite events, etc. are more than just a fun club thing. These crews bring the element of dedicated techno heads, who know the music and the history of this kind of music. This also resonates with the type of crowd that comes in. I admittedly was a bit nervous going to The Barbary because their have been times where the crowd that comes in has ranged from gross to scary. The Shakedown attendees were respectful of each other and came to just dance.

Willyum¬†started the night off with deep house. It felt like a nice nod to the Deep House night that used to be held at The Barbary and I feel so old because I don’t even remember the name of that event. Next up was Rob Paine. It was really a pleasure getting to meet him and chat with him for a moment. His set was refreshing, and it was nearly impossible NOT to dance. I didn’t catch too much of Chris B’s set, but the portion I heard was dope. I had never heard of Big Jawn before this night but wow his set was extremely proper. He is definitely one of my favorite resident Shakedown DJ’s now.

As our world seemingly becomes more harrowing each day, it is extremely important that we have safe spaces of music, entertainment, and love. Places where anyone can come in dance. I don’t believe it’s ever the location that makes the difference of whether a place is safe, but the type of vibe that party crews create. The Shakedown has the right vibe.

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Spellbound with Hogwasche

Spellbound is my most loved party, and an inspiration for this blog. Held monthly at Voltage lounge, it incorporates live acts and Spellbound crew and guest DJ’s. The crowd is a mixed demographic of young and older goths. People tend to dress up more for this party so you see an eclectic group of goths.


Spellbound with Hogwasche

This is one of those parties that has a certain magical vibe about it. What I love about it is that, unlike a lot of parties, queer people, POC’s, women, etc. are in the forefront. The tolerance level is high for different demographics. DJ Nightwitch started this party almost three years ago and she is very in tune to throwing a socially progressive event for everyone.

What makes this party different from many events in the city is that it proactively is a safe space. A lot of parties may have a disclaimer of sorts that says “no intolerance, positive vibes, etc.”, but when push comes to shove I have found that those words aren’t always¬†put into action. It’s true that some bad apples can show up at any party, but when you go to Spellbound you know you can let someone know if a person is making you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

Before I begin to talk about this particular Spellbound, I want to mention our friend Casey. He is someone who has been involved in the community for a long time. He has done visuals for Void Vision, just as one example, and has sadly has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. For this edition of Spellbound, we had a donation jar set up for him and raised $212. Casey and his partner Michelle (of Mesh Vintage) have set up a Go Fund Me. Please give what you can and share:

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 11.10.51 PM

Casey’s Go Fund Me

The live act was¬†Hogwasche, and they¬†were what I would describe as industrial metal. While that genre of music isn’t really my thing, Hogwasche put on a great show and the crowd was into it. Guest DJ¬†Mike Saga¬†is the best. I first was introduced into the wonder of Mike back in the Nocturne days (R.I.P.). He is an entity of his own and the way he has marketed himself is really brilliant. Despite his larger than life persona, he is totally sweet and down to earth. Resident DJ’s¬†Strykk9¬†and¬†Nightwitch¬†always play amazing and eclectic sets and this time was no different.

I love the collaborative spirit of Spellbound and it’s a party I look forward to every month. I’ve had friends come out to it who aren’t part of the goth scene, or have never been to this particular party before, and have given rave reviews on the spirit of this event. We would love for you to share in the experience too!

See ya next month!18947071_10154472628926496_829100385_o

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