Blue Sunday//Goth Brunch

Blue Sunday//Goth brunch is held once a month at Dock Street Brewery in West Philly. Though it’s just in its third month, it continues to bring in a great crowd. Everyone loves brunch and brunch even makes goths smile. Besides these factors, I think the specific crowd it brings in is what’s  really crucial.

The event was started by DJ Nightwitch (who is also the promoter and resident DJ for Spellbound, my favorite goth night). I’ll get into more details about that magical party in another post, but the crowd she brings in is a great mixed demographic of young and old goths who bring a lot of forward thinking and genuine sweetness into the mix.

Blue Sunday//Goth Brunch event page


DJ Nightwitch and Littlespacey both have a talent for playing the right songs at the right time. In a city with a pretty massive amount of DJ’s, DJ Nightwitch truly stands out not just for her taste, but her intrinsic ability to mix.

Littlespacey runs another monthly, Unknown Pleasures, at The Dolphin with Ian Galloway and she played a really killer set, including some the classics. You really can never go wrong with classic goth rock on a Sunday afternoon..

As much as the goth club scene is my jim jam, a spooky event like this serves as a great weekend palate cleanse from the club life. It’s also great way to make new friends while eating eggs and listening to Sisters of Mercy. I myself enjoyed a very crisp Summer Haze IPA.


Next Up: Rizumu 15yrs/27hrs


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